Supplies Needed for 4th Grade


·        5 marbleized composition books

·        6 pocket folders –  Social Studies, Science, Spelling, Work folder, Take-home folder, and Religion

·        1 package of #2 pencils (sharpened)

·         markers, crayons, and or colored pencils

·        a red pen for correcting

·        a pair of scissors  - kids school scissors please

·        glue sticks

·        a highlighter (any color)

·        a soft case to hold supplies

·        a fine point black sharpie

For Spanish – Marbleized notebook – new students only

For the classroom

·        2 boxes of tissues

For home

  • a set of multiplication cards to be kept at home and practiced

Summer Reading


What Was the Great Depression by Janet Pascal

The Jacket by Andrew Clements

A wish list of consumables that we could use for our language arts and science programs  include:

  • Post-It flags for marking text support
  • assorted  colored cardstock for vocabulary words
  • scrapbooking supplies/papers for publishing theme writing assignments
  • classical music CDs to listen to during process writing
  • silver stars
  • magnets
  • pencils
  • baby wipes
  • tissues

Here are a few things you should know about grade 4.


There is no morning recess in 4th grade, however, I do give the children a 10-15 minute snack break to stretch, walk around, socialize and use the bathroom.  Please pack a nutritious snack for their mid-morning break. 

·         We have lunch recess at 11:15 and lunch at 11:35.  Gym class is on Tuesday, music is on Wednesday, library and art are on Thursday.


·         Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey that will help me get to know your child and for covering all their hardcover books.


·         We will study all the regions of the United States beginning with the Southwest. Study skills are incorporated into all content areas all year.


·         All children are expected to have a grade level appropriate chapter book in their desks at all times for independent reading. They are welcome to use my classroom library books.


·          I am also looking forward to an exciting year of discovering and exploration this year in science.  We will start the year with a solar system unit.

·         I would like to encourage anyone who could enhance our curriculum to feel free to share their expertise, experience/knowledge with the class.


·         I feel that good communication between parent and teacher will enhance your child’s experience at school.  I will do my best to communicate both positive and negative feedback as I feel appropriate, and I hope you will do the same.


·          Fourth graders have school planners.  They should be going home every night. Homework is also posted online. Please check their assignments with them.  There is a place for parent/teacher communication at the bottom of each page (comments).  Please contact me to address any questions or concerns that might arise. You can contact me via your child’s planner, a note, by leaving a message at school, or e-mail. I always try to return calls and emails the same day.  I welcome your input.


Karen Bigda


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