Some "Do's and Don't's" we teach our students at St. Mary School about using the Internet


    ... REVEAL your identity, or give out any personal, identifying information online or over the phone.  (For example, don't list school or church name, age, gender, parent's name, address, sports team you play on, credit card number, computer password, or phone number, and never answer questions like: "Are you home alone?") 
    ... ATTACH/POST PICTURES of yourself, family, or friends. 
    ... RESPOND to email, in a chat room, on a social networking site, or to newsgroup messages that are harassing, disturbing, threatening, inappropriate, hateful, hostile or that make you feel uncomfortable.
    ... RESPOND to any messages from unfamiliar addresses or usernames. 
    ... MEET IN PERSON someone you have met online.  Someone can easily lie about who they really are.  
    ... CALL or TEXT someone you met online. THEY CAN TRACE YOU! 
    ... BELIEVE everything that you see/read online (many websites contain inaccurate or false information). 
    ... SHARE your password with anyone outside your family.
    ...  POST anything online that you would not put up on a bulletin board at school, or display on the refrigerator at your home!


    ... CHANGE your email password regularly. 
    ... USE a gender neutral appropriate, respectful screen name that does not attract attention or give your personal information. 
    ... SHOW/TELL a parent or teacher if you feel uncomfortable with any kind on online contact.
    ... BE RESPECTFUL and polite online