Lunch Program

St. Mary’s has a Hot Lunch Program for all students. Each day features

  • one hot entrée
  • either a salad or pasta option
  • three sandwich choices.

Ordering Lunch

Lunches are pre-ordered by the month. In order to receive lunch you must fill out the order form. The menu usually comes out in the beginning of the month depending on the school calendar. Please return the forms by the deadline to ensure enough time to process the menus and purchase the food items.

Each menu has a minimum order at the bottom, this helps maintain the program and allow us to offer all of the items each day and support our staff. Each homeroom will have a list of purchased lunches posted to remind students if they have ordered for the day and what item they ordered. A beverage is not included; students may purchase milk at the beginning of the year or bring in their own drink. If your student has any food, allergies please be aware we do not know all the ingredients in the food items.

In the event that you did not receive the latest menu/signup-form, you can print off your own copy using the link in the right side of this page. Click the download link, which will open a browser window displaying the current menu/signup-form; then click the "Print" button at the top of the window.  Please remember you are ordering lunch for your student for the month specified, and please remember to return your menus by the deadline so we can provide all the children with their chosen meals. Thank you in advance for supporting the Hot Lunch Program!